Bend, by Dani Dobkin & Matt Sargent, will be out on Waveform Alphabet on December 21, 2023. It is available for preorder here: https://bendwa.bandcamp.com/album/bend

It features current CMC TA and DMA student Dani Dobkin on synthesizers and Matt Sargent on guitar. 
The album art is by Merry Sun, a recent graduate of the Sound Art MFA program. 

Columbia University Alum and former WKCR radio host/writer Brooke Wentz recently published Transfigured New York: Interviews with Experimental Artists and Musicians, 1980-1990 on Columbia Press.

Former Visiting Scholar and Brazilian artist/professor Cândida Borges was just recognized as the top authors of 2022 in the fields of Art, Science and Technology by Leonardo LABS MIT Press, with her Ph.D. thesis “Transeuntis Mundi: a nomadic creative practice”.