Seth Cluett: Particle Matter

Sunday, March 13, 2022 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Fridman Gallery 169 Bowery New York, NY 10002     map

5pm-7pm Additional video works by the artists will shown throughout the gallery
7pm Live Performance + Streaming


Particle Matter is an audiovisual work by visual artist Itziar Barrio, created in collaboration with composer and sound designer Seth Cluett. A materialist investigation into matter and multitudinous manifestations of the micro, Particle Matter approaches its subject in a rhizomatic fashion, utilizing the language of the montage -the dialectical technique of producing a new composite whole from fragments of moving images and sounds- to explore the forces catalyzing and created by the movements of the fragmented and microscopic; the pieces left over.


Many of the sound recordings included in Particle Matter were carried out at the historic anechoic chamber at Nokia Bell Labs (NJ), which absorbs over 99.995% of the incident acoustic energy above 200 Hz, and is considered one of the quietest places on Earth. Particle Matter is a work approached from the horizontality of all the agents involved: images of geological phenomena, steam, gas and particles; audio recordings of protests, dusts of different origins converge creating this video. The presentation this evening will expand on the original commissioned work to feature live sound and image. Recordings from current protests as well as audio footage recorded in the anechoic chamber at Nokia Bell Labs will complement content from the original film.

For two hours prior to the screening, additional works by Barrio and Cluett will be presented throughout the gallery. 

PLEASE NOTE: masks and proof of COVID vaccination will be required for attendance.


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