Naomi Mitchell Modular Synth Meetup

Friday, January 27, 2023 - 5:00pm

Modular synth designer Naomi Mitchell will be giving a workshop/talk Friday, January 27th, at 5pm in Room 324.  Naomi has been making eurorack modules since 2016 as omiindustries and is one of the organizers behind LA's Feminist Synth Lab.    

For this special event, Naomi will spend the afternoon creating a patch using her own modules as well as the CMC's Buchla/Serge, then at 5pm she'll walk us through it, discussing her approaches to designing for chaos and control, as well as her work with FeM Synth Lab.   

Naomi Mitchell is a designer, user, and educator of modular synthesizers. She designs and makes eurorack modules as omiindustriies and performs live as Naomi FM. She has done workshops with FeM Synth Lab and at the Ableton LOOP conference; as well as helping organize LA’s Modular on the Spot. Her work focuses on rhythm and randomness and the interaction between artist and electronics. She can be found @omiindustriies on social media and lives and works in Los Angeles.