Bubble Orchestra Launch - Rosana Cabán

Friday, February 21, 2020 - 6:00pm to Saturday, February 22, 2020 - 5:55pm

Precog Magazine Issue 5: Bubble Orchestra LaunchFeaturing launch of Bubble Orchestra Virtual Space with Virtual Dream Center. Performance by Rosana Cabán and Dani Mari 7pm. Sound installation by Rosana Cabán

Precog Magazine is an independent, annual publication that explores the intersection between art, science, technology, cyber culture and feminism. Our mission is to provide an experimental print platform which gives artists agency while creating a conversation around relevant contemporary themes, focusing especially on the responses of women, queer artists, and artists of color.

For issue 5, Bubble Orchestra, artists were asked to contribute submissions based on the concept and materiality of bubbles: as a metaphor for thinking through ideas of individuality and group cohesion; echo chambers and their tenuousness; algorithms; and the fragility of identity. Our aim in bringing together this group of “bubbles” is to see how they sing together; what kind of cacophony or harmony is achieved in the proximity of these individual projects.

Simultaneously launched is a virtual exhibition of Bubble Orchestra consisting of an interactive space of different “bubbles” (contributions), made in collaboration with the Virtual Dream Center, an artist-run, downloadable, video-game based virtual exhibition platform that presents non-traditional methods of art-making and viewing.

for more information:  https://www.printedmatter.org/programs/events/1108