Nate Young (Wolf Eyes)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 5:30pm
Prentis Hall, Columbia University     map

Please join us for an interview with Nate Young, led by composer, DMA alum, and adjunct professor, Mario Diaz de Leon.

Nate Young (b. 1977) is a Detroit-based American musician best known for his work in the group, Wolf Eyes. Created by Young in 1998, the now-legendary noise group defined the genre in the American DIY underground. In the decade that followed, Wolf Eyes toured the world, released reams of records, collaborated with luminaries including Anthony Braxton and Merzbow, and generally enamored and influenced a generation. A skilled workbench electrician, Young has always involved hand-built devices and reconstituted consumer electronics in his practice, while his visual works have served as packaging and covers for hundreds of releases. Young’s music has been released by Sub Pop, NNA Tapes, Hospital Productions, Rockatansky Records (Tokyo), iDEAL, and Young’s own AA Records.