Miya Masaoka presents new sound installation at Caramoor

Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 10:00am to Sunday, September 1, 2019 - 3:55pm

Sonic Innovations at Caramoor

Sonic Innovations continues to expand Caramoor’s programming with an annual exhibition of sound art, curated by Stephan Moore, from artists working with sonic materials outside the traditions of concert music. Each artist has drawn inspiration from their chosen location, creating work that is mindful of the natural and human-made sounds and systems already present in the environment, while engaging each site’s unique characteristics — be they acoustic, historic, architectural, or natural.

Free and open during Box Office hours (Monday–Friday, 10:00am–4:00pm) June through July 28.
Family-friendly sound art tours will be available on select days. Call 914.232.1252 for more information.

About the work

Listen Ahead (2019) Miya Masaoka

Listen Ahead is first encountered through traffic signage whereby the audience begins to imagine, conceptualize and anticipate a space for listening. “Ear Hut,” is a structure that privileges the sense of listening over sight — there are ear-level openings in the walls allowing sounds from the outside environment to the inside. A fluidity of the interior/exterior carry meaning beyond the walls, and can be contemplated upon as the listeners rest on benches. These natural exterior sounds combine with the evocative sounds inside the hut to create a unique sound composition and experience specific to the Caramoor.

Artist’s Website

Miya Masaoka is a composer and sound artist who creates works involving perception, temporality and interaction between objects, people and nature. She is an early practitioner of using the biological world for creating sound, including tracking the movement of insects, collecting data from the body and the response of plants. Her work has been shown at the Venice Bienale, MoMA PS1, Kunstmuseum Bonn, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the ICA Philadelphia. She is the Park Avenue Armory Studio Artist for 2019.