MAXLIVE 2023: SISTER SYLVESTER'S GOOD GENES, featuring music co-created by DMA fellows Jessie Cox and DM R

Friday, November 10, 2023 - 7:30pm

Current DMA fellows Jessie Cox and DM R are co-creating music with Sister Sylvester at the MAXlive 2023: Where Is My Body? Festival, presented by Media Art Xploration (MAX) and National Sawdust.

The performance is November 10, at 7:30, more details here:


Allow us to serve you a cocktail made of DNA.

Attend Good Genes and make your own genetically modified cocktail party. With live music and using DNA from a hat worn – and never washed – by the actors in Bertolt Brecht’s Berliner Ensemble, Sister Sylvester presents a bio-art cabaret where the work takes place in the audience’s small intestine. A thorough celebration of thieves, biohackers, and cannibals, Good Genes sheds worn out scientific narrative and turns them into a science for the people.

About Maxlive 2023

Media Art Xploration (MAX) and National Sawdust co-present MAXlive 2023: Where Is My Body?, a festival of music, dance and interactive performance that intersects with technology and science in exciting, exhilarating, and provocative ways. Through beauty, humor, violence and augmented virtual realities, these interactive works open up new portals of performance. Take your pick of a world premiere of new music, groundbreaking dance, or a cabaret where you conduct a science experiment.

The MAXlive 2023 will showcase creations from the MAXmachina laboratory program, where artists have been experimenting with performance, science, and technology.