Thursday, November 21, 2013 to Sunday, November 24, 2013
Horace Mann Theatre     map

Lilith was Adam’s first wife – made from the same clay. But rather than lie below him, she left Eden forever. We know her as queen of the demons, responsible for death in childbirth; and as a seductress of men. She is written to be feared, and to be protected against.

But we will invite her in…

Open Dress: Thursday, November 21st, 9pm

Friday, November 22nd, 9pm
Saturday, November 23rd, 7pm and 10pm
Sunday, November 24th, 3pm

Tickets are FREE! Reserve at LilithShow [at]

Created by: Dara Malina, Jolene Noelle, Tingying Ma, Kate Hamilton, Jake Lasser, Stephanie Patent, Iman Richardson, Jeanne Smith, Chris Stahl, Kevin Brouder, Blake Palmer, Christopher Weston, Katherine Holland, Alexandra Lalonde

Sound: glifo.dendrita (Valeria Jonard (Sound Arts MFA student) and Abdel Anzaldua)