How to Enter a Dream

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 9:30pm to Monday, March 14, 2016 - 7:55am

How to Enter a Dream: a meditative, all-night music concert and installation, with communal sleeping and breakfast. 

In many traditional and contemporary global cultures, communal sleeping without sexual overtones is an activity considered to create unity and kinship and plays a vital role in the social fabric of a tribe or community. Inspired by this and the concept of an all-night lullaby, Inner Fields invites you to sleep over during the weekend which Daylight Savings begins, and be immersed in an electronic-acoustic, meditative soundscape performed live by 7 different musicians: Hiroshi Ebina, Cameron Perry Fraser, Zak Hap, Chung Eun Kim, Anqi Liu, Yusuke Narita and Chatori Shimizu.

Performing a variety of instruments which include laptops, guitars, found objects, kids percussion instruments, a cell phone, glockenspiel, circular koto and the traditional Japanese shō, this tranquil sonic experience will bring you through Saturday night and into Sunday morning, with coffee, tea and breakfast to be shared upon waking. The Inner Fields studio will feature a dreaming installation by Elaine Su-Hui, and the concert will begin with a 20 minute guided meditation before inviting you to lie down, listen, and enter a dream.

Everyone will be sleeping on the floor upon mats, rugs and blankets, so please bring your own additional yoga/ sleeping mats, blankets, as well as a pillow and sleeping bag to be comfortable. Eye mask optional. Earplugs will be provided if needed!

This event will feature Sound Arts MFA students Chatori Shimizu and Cameron Perry Fraser.

$15 – $25 suggested donation

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Photo: "In the Seed We Have the Universe", 2016, mixed media installation by Elaine Su-Hui