Ensemble Pamplemousse: BLOCKS

Sunday, April 7, 2013 - 8:00pm to Monday, April 8, 2013 - 7:55pm
The Firehouse Space     map

Like Buckminster Fuller, reversible sweaters, or Mr. Potato Head, Ensemble Pamplemousse’s BLOCKS are a rearrangeable construction of elements. Prefab modules by the composers are reconfigured into new structures of sonic architecture. As each block maintains its own internal logic, the listener is pulled forward through the linear unfolding of time. Intertwining patterns of material emerge and dissolve, connect, obstruct, and confer with each other, unveiling new angles of hearing each sonic unit.

A BLOCK consists of 8 short pieces composed for any arrangement of voice, flute, violin, cello, percussion, piano, and electronics. The pieces are written keeping in mind that the parts will be pulled apart, recombined, split into pieces, etc.,- merging with any of the other works. For example, the first line of flute from a trio may be played with the third line of another composition’s piano part, followed by the merging into the last bit from another composition layered with the electronics of yet another composition. The order is determined in concert, unique to each performance.

Composed by:

Performed by:

  • Natacha Diels, flute
  • Kiku Enomoto, violin
  • Jessie Marino, cello
  • David Broome, keys
  • Maria Stankova, voice
  • Andrew Greenwald, drums

Admission: $10