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Mark Fell, David Bird, Sam Pluta – YARN/WIRE/CURRENTS


    TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 – 8:00PM

    Yarn/Wire celebrate the opening of their 10th anniversary season as well as their recent release with Pete Swanson, Eliminated Artist, on ISSUE Project Room’s Distributed Objects imprint. The program includes three world premieres written specifically for the event, including works by experimental NYC musician and video artist David Bird, a new Fromm Foundation commission by composer/improviser Sam Pluta (Peter Evans Quintet / Wet Ink), and a new piece by electronics visionary Mark Fell (UK). This concert marks the fourth installment of Yarn/Wire/Currents, an ongoing collaboration between ISSUE and Yarn/Wire exploring the boundaries of contemporary music performance.

Tokyo to New York

Chatori Shimizu: Shiki to Unkai


    Chatori Shimizu: Shiki to Unkai. A Performance with Sound Installation
    Time: Sept. 19th (Sat.), 20th (Sun.) 19:30 ~ 21:30
    Ticket: $10~15 donation

    Chatori Shimizu is a composer, researcher, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist, whose award-winning works have been performed and exhibited throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe. Ranging from orchestral works to sound installations, Chatori draws upon both Western contemporary composition as well as the aesthetic and philosophy of Japanese sacred music Gagaku, in order to create pieces which comprise of two main elements: sound and the silence between sounds. Gagaku music, which expresses the functions of the universe according to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, provides the conceptual basis to Chatori’s compositions which present a balance between meditative repetition and its hysterical demolition.

    For Inner Fields, Chatori Shimizu will be performing the shō, a traditional Japanese meditative instrument which places importance on the “間” (pronounced Ma), which literally means “silent spaces between sounds”. The shō instrument is considered to be a part of a player’s body since it produces sound according to the player’s in and out breath. Chatori will perform the shō alongside his sound installation ‘Somewhere Close’, where contact microphones will be attached to different specimens of wood and through adjustments in frequency, the audience will be able to hear “nature singing”. The performance will also include paintings by TARO. ‘Somewhere Close’ was first exhibited at Pioneer Works in 2014 and it will be the US premiere of Chatori’s shō compositions ‘Shiki to Unkai III’ and ‘Shinkaigyo’.

Ensemble Pamplemousse @ DiMenna Center

    Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.58.40 PM

    Ensemble Pamplemousse

    Tuesday May 19, 8pm
    DiMenna Center, Cary Hall : 450 W 37th St, bet. 9th and 10th aves.

    Pamplemousse presents a potpourri of proliferous explosions through exquisitely intertwined introversion and exhibitionism. Bookended by the US premiere of Steven Takasugi’s spectacular piano solo Die Klavierübung and Eoin Callery’s death-defying large ensemble work Morning in the Manor, the three Pamplemousse coldcuts feature the extremes of silent solitude ([33 Words]), extravagant miscommunication (Child of Chimera), and reinterpretation of Life Itself, as seen through the eye of a slide whistle (Still Mistitled).

    Steve Takasugi : Die Klavierübung
    for piano and electronics
    Andrew Greenwald : [33 Words]
    for solo soprano saxophone
    Bryan Jacobs : Still Mistitled*
    for 2 computer-controlled slide whistles, violin, and cello
    Natacha Diels : Child of Chimera*
    for 3 performers
    Eoin Callery : Morning in the Manor
    for flute, oboe, saxophone, violin, cello, piano, and voice

    * Brand-new!

    Performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse : Natacha Diels, flute; Kiku Enomoto, violin; Jessie Marino, cello; Dave Broome, piano; Andrew Greenwald, drums; Bryan Jacobs, electronics
    with guest artists Amanda DeBoer, voice; Ryan Muncy, sax; Sky Macklay, oboe; and James Ilgenfritz, bass.

Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) talk at CMC


    Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) talk at CMC

    Tuesday, May 5th – 5:30pm
    Prentis Hall 320H

    Please join us for an interview with Nate Young, led by composer, DMA alum, and adjunct professor Mario Diaz de Leon.

    Nate Young (b. 1977) is a Detroit-based American musician best known for his work in the group Wolf Eyes. Created by Young in 1998, the now-legendary noise group defined the genre in the American DIY underground. In the decade that followed, Wolf Eyes toured the world, released reams of records, collaborated with luminaries including Anthony Braxton and Merzbow, and generally enamored and influenced a generation. A skilled workbench electrician, Young has always involved hand-built devices and reconstituted consumer electronics in his practice, while his visual works have served as packaging and covers for hundreds of releases. Young’s music has been released by Sub Pop, NNA Tapes, Hospital Productions, Rockatansky Records (Tokyo), iDEAL, and Young’s own AA Records.

Film Presentation: “Naptown Rock Radio Wars”


    This Emmy award-winning film takes the viewer on a journey through the silver age of rock n roll radio broadcasting in a medium sized market – The formats, the personalities, the business models, and the promotions. One of the most incendiary hotbeds of creativity would be found in the Midwest at an experimental FM radio station. This documentary chronicles the war waged in the battle for listeners. It was a rock n roll death match, and listeners had the ringside seats.

    The Filmmaker David Fulton
    A graduate of Ball State University, David has put together sales presentations for Fortune 500 companies, been a punk rocker, worked in broadcast newsrooms, and currently specializes in producing documentaries about accident victims. Dave also worked extensively with CMC Director Brad Garton back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Ask and you shall learn!

    when: 1:30 PM, Friday May 1
    where: CMC, room 320H (Prentis, 632 w. 125th Street)
    free and open to the public
    contact garton – at – for more information
    film information link

The Wet Ink Large Ensemble plays Columbia Composers


    April 25th marks the return of the Wet Ink Large Ensemble, Wet Ink’s extended performing group devoted to bringing exciting new works for large forces to New York for the first time.

    We are very pleased to be presenting this exciting program of premieres by Columbia University graduate students in composition. The program includes works by Stylianos Dimou, Chris Trapani, Sky Macklay, Ryan Pratt (featuring Marina Kifferstein, guest violin soloist), Ashkan Behzadi, and Nina Young, all of whom are exciting and innovative voices in contemporary composition.

    Please join us at the DiMenna Center on April 25th for what is sure to be a special concert! Free admission, and reception to follow.

    Laura Cocks, flutes
    Karisa Antonio, oboe
    Liam Kinson, clarinets
    Alex Mincek, saxophone
    David Byrd Marrow, horn
    Peter Evans, trumpet
    William Lang, trombone
    Jacqui Kerrod, harp
    Ian Antonio, percussion
    Russell Greenberg, percussion
    Laura Barger, piano
    Josh Modney, violin
    Erica Dicker, violin
    Erin Wight, viola
    Mariel Roberts, cello
    Andrew Roitstein, double bass
    Sam Pluta, electronics
    Eric Wubbels, conductor
    with Marina Kifferstein, guest violin soloist

    Saturday, April 25th, 2015
    The DiMenna Center
    450 W 20th St.
    free admission | reception to follow

Pierre Tremblay at the CMC

    At 1:00 PM, Friday (4.17.2015), room 320H Prentis composer/programmer/improviser/sound-artist Pierre Tremblay will present

    “On Blurring Taxonomies: a Constructive Convergences of Practices”

    In this presentation, Pierre Alexandre will introduce his musical biases on
    improvisation, composition, studio, liveness, techniques and collaboration;
    then he will highlight their converging consequences in his latest works
    (chamber mixed music for concert hall and/or jazz club, and fixed media
    pieces), and in his Huddersfield studio lab’s projects ( This
    will be followed by discussions, questions and hands-on examples if

    his London-based contemporary jazz project:

    Open and free to all…

“Tokyo to New York” Concert at Tenri Cultural Institute

    “Tokyo to New York” Concert at Tenri Cultural Institute
    New Music by Tokyo & NYC Composers

    Including works from CMC/Sound Arts composers Chatori Shimizu: NEONS (U.S. Premier) and Joshua Mailman: Drunk Dragonfly Blues (World Premier).

    With works by: Yoshihiko Banno, Gilbert Galindo, Masatora Goya, Tomo Hirayama, Miyuki Ito, Paul Yeon Lee, David Loeb, Joshua Mailman, Jun Nagao, Fernando Otero, Gene Pritsker, Chatori Shimizu, Hifumi Shimoyama, Tomoko Uzawa, Atsushi Yoshinaka

    Thomas Piercy (Clarinet/Bass Clarinet & Hichiriki)
    Taka Kigawa (Piano)
    Pablo Aslan (Bass)
    James Nyoraku Schlefer (Shakuhachi)

    Sunday, April 19th at 4pm

    Tenri Cultural Institute
    43A W. 13th St. NY, NY 10011

Wet Ink Presents @ Trans-Pecos: HPrizm, the Miz’Ries, Premature Burial, Headless Monkey Attack


    Wet Ink Presents @ Trans-Pecos: HPrizm, the Miz’Ries, Premature Burial, Headless Monkey Attack

    Thursday, April 9 at 8:30pm – 11:00pm

    Trans Pecos
    915 Wycoff Ave, Queens, New York 11385

    On Thursday, April 9th, we’ll have the third event in the Wet Ink Ensemble Presents series at Trans-Pecos NY.

    This show features a performance by HPrizm (a.k.a. producer/rapper High Priest of Anti-pop Consortium), The Miz’Ries (noise pop band featuring Leila Adu, Jeff Snyder and Quinn Collins), Headless Monkey Attack (electronic/percussion weirdness by Ryan Carter and Dennis Sullivan), and the powerhouse improvisational brass trio Premature Burial (Dan Peck on tuba, Peter Evans on trumpet, and Matt Nelson on sax).

    This will be a blast, it’s not one to miss!

    doors open at 8PM, music will start at 8:30 sharp.


Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Mario Diaz de Leon at Tectonics Festival NY


    Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Mario Diaz de Leon at Tectonics Festival NY

    Thursday, May 7, 2015 – 8:00pm
    First Unitarian Congregational Society
    116 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn 11201

    Co-presented by Issue Project Room

    Standard Deviance One, a collaboration between Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Mario Diaz de Leon (CMC-alum and Adjunct Professor of Music Humanities), based on material from the albums “Blinding Confusion” and “Stay Asleep” by Young’s Regression project. Over five movements, the work explores Young’s masterful sense of atmosphere and lucid dread, arranged and expanded for an ensemble of eight musicians.

    Annea Lockwood: Immersion (1998)

    Klaus Lang: the whitebearded man. the six frogs. (2008) 
Performed by Yarn/Wire.

    Morton Feldman: Principal Sound (1980)
 Performed by James Rushford.

    Klaus Lang: ABD 
Performed by Klaus Lang.

    Nate Young & Mario Diaz de Leon: Standard Deviance One (2015)
Performed by Chris McIntyre (trombone), James Rogers (bass trombone), James Rushford (viola), Maya Dunietz (piano), Yarn/Wire (percussion), Nate Young (electronics/voice), Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar).

    * Newly commissioned for Tectonics Festival NY, by Nate Young, realized for ensemble by Mario Diaz de Leon.



    ACOUSTIC+ #2

    Friday, March 27, 2015 at 8PM
    MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick
    678 Hart St 1B, Brooklyn, New York 11221

    This is a new venture for ensemble mise-en, whose programs have typically focused on large ensemble works featuring traditional acoustic media. The small scale of the performing forces needed for the Acoustic+ series’ electronic and multimedia works allows for a great diversity of works on each of the programs rather than being limited to a specific instrumentation or subset of the full ensemble.

    Adam Tahir Mirza: A new work (world premiere, 2015)
    Nina C. Young: A new work (world premiere, 2015)
    Eric Chasalow: What is danced ( … and what is not) (NY premiere, 2002)*
    Jenny Olivia Johnson + Alysse Padilla: “Third Space”+”We Are Luminous” (2013, NYC premiere)
    Jenny Olivia Johnson + Alex Temple: “It’s Hard Even to Say It” (2013, NYC premiere)
    Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte (electronic version) (1959-1960)

    *featuring Melanie Genin

    Admission: $15 (

Andrea Agostini & Ryan Carter at the Italian Academy

LoVid & Sound Arts MFA students @ EI


    The Forty-first Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, The Forty-sixth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Forty-fifth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,

    The Twenty-fifth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part Two (or B)
    Phill Niblock, curator

    Lovid (New York) A Video Event
    LoVid will perform with a combination of handmade analog and digital instruments; the performance
    will center on an audiovisual composition where the video and sound are translated from the
    same electric signal; LoVid’s work explores the translation of the electric signal into visible and
    audible compositions; in recent works, they have been expanding their practice to think of the
    space of the performance, as well as the space between performers and audiences, as part of
    the instrument itself; for this performance LoVid will incorporate infrared LED light-beams that
    will be used to trigger video and sound clips; they will be joined by an ensemble of MFA in
    Sound Arts students from Columbia University

    Sunday, March 15th, 2015
    224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, NY 10013

forever wild (kill site record)


    forever wild (kill site record)

    Marginal Utility
    319 North 11th Street, 2nd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    6 March – 19 April 2015
    Opening Reception 6 March 6-10pm

    Marginal Utility is proud to present ‘forever wild (kill site record)’ by the New York based artist Douglas Irving Repetto. This is Repetto’s second project to be exhibited with Marginal Utility.

Headless Monkey Attack @ Spectrum


    Headless Monkey Attack @ Spectrum

    Headless Monkey Attack

    Saturday, February 28 at 8:00pm

    121 Ludlow, Second Floor
    New York, New York 10002

    CMC-alum Ryan Carter (Headless Monkey Attack) will perform a solo set (and interpretive dance) of algorithmically generated compositions.

    More info:

The Hour of the Star


    THE HOUR OF THE STAR by Clarice Lispector
    Translated by Benjamin Moser
    Used with permission of New Directions Publishing
    Adapted and Directed by Dara Malina

    Sound design : Nolan Lem (MFA Sound Arts 2nd year student)

    Where: The Connelly Theatre
    220 East 4th Street
    When: February 18-21, 2015

    Price: $15 General Admission/$5 Seniors

    Free with any valid CUID or student ID;
    Enter the code student to reserve your free ticket.
    You must present your ID with the confirmation at the door.

Christopher Trapani Paris Premiere

    Spinning in Infinity for orchestra and electronics by (CMC TA) Christopher Trapani premieres 21 February 2015 at the Maison de la Radio in Paris. Radio France / IRCAM co-production.

    For those who can’t attend in person, the concert will be broadcast online for one month following the premiere.

    For more info:
    maisondelradio article

Brad Garton: “The Books Of Music, Dreams, And Memories” (multi-media performance)

Tomorrow is the Question: Afrofuturism, Sound, and Spirit


    Tomorrow Is the Question
    February 13, 2015 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    James Memorial Chapel, 3041 Broadway, New York

    Following the idea of a black radical tradition, African and African diasporic futurism refers to practices of technological agency to reimagine the past and enact alternative possible futures in the material world. This convening considers the sonic and spiritual dimensions of futurism throughout modern black culture, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities presented by sound technologies that enable the creation of an alternative tomorrow, real or mythic. Presenters will consider the intersection of sound technology, spirituality, and Africana studies in a wide-ranging discussion tracing relations between colonial legacies, technologies of liberation, and social movements in the modern world.

    Panelists include:

    Alexexander Weheliye, Department of African American Studies, Northwestern University
    Michael Veal, Departments of Music, African American Studies, and American Studies, Yale University
    Beth Coleman, City as Platform Lab and Department of English Language and Literature, University of Waterloo
    George E. Lewis , Department of Music, Columbia University, event moderator

    The discussion will include a sonic performance by Haitian composer, percussionist, and turntablist Val-Inc.

    This event is free and open to the public.

    James Memorial Chapel
    3041 Broadway at 121st Street
    New York, NY 10027
    Union Theological Seminary, West side of Broadway