Course Summary

Week 1 (Sept. 10th) - Introduction + "Sound Tools vs. Tool Sounds"

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* Note that the timeline of topics has slightly changed from the syllabus. This web page shows the updated timeline.

Works heard in class:

Index of Metals (2003), for ensemble and electronics; Fausto Romitelli (1963-2004)
En echo, la rivière (1993-94), for soprano and electronics in real-time; Philippe Manoury (b. 1952)
Mundrundum (2002), for spoken voice and electronics; Jaap Blonk (b. 1953)
Crepuscolo (2004), for Paetzold Recorders and electronics; Oscar Bianchi (b. 1975)
Lipstick (1998), for flute and tape; Jacob ter Veldhuis (b. 1951)
Trace V (2006), Clarinet and electronics; Martin Matalon (b. 1958)

Works that we did not have time to get to:
Black Angels (1970), for electronic string quartet; George Crumb (b. 1929)
Les chants de l’amour (1983-84), for mixed choir and tape; Gérard Grisey (1946-98)

Week 2 (Sept. 17th) - Spatialization

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Week 3 (Sept. 24th) - Spatialization (cont.) + Timbre Modifying Processing

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Works heard in class:

Whisper Not (2007), for Viola and live electronics; Stefano Gervasoni (b. 1962)
LXIX (2011), for 2 trumpets and processing; Peter Evans and Nate Wolley
Speakings (2007-08), for orchestra and electronics; Jonathan Harvey (b. 1939)

Week 4 (Oct. 1st.) - Sound Recording: Aesthetic and Practical Perspectives

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Week 5 (Oct. 8th) - Synchronization

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Please read (on reserve in the library):
Cont, Archia. Synchronisme musical et musiques mixtes : Du temps écrit au temps produit. Circuit (2012), Vol. 22, No. 1: 9-25.

OR…If you don’t read French (see Articles section):

Stroppa, Marco. “Live Electronics or...Live Music? Towards a Critique of Interactivity.” Contemporary Music Review (1999), Vol. 18, Part 3: 41-47

Week 6 (Oct. 15th) - Portability of Work

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Download Parformance Patch Example

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Download Technical RIder Template (updated!)

Download Audio Connection Diagram Examples (new!)

Download Complete Documentation Example - La Makina (Martin Matalon, doc by Adamcyk) (new!)

Please read
(see Articles section):
Polfreman, Richard, David Sheppard, and Ian Dearden. Time to re­wire? Problems and strategies for the maintenance of live electronics. Organised Sound (2006), Vol. 11, No. 3: 229­242

Week 7 (Oct. 22nd) - Mastering *** CLASS VISIT TO MASTERDISK STUDIOS
Visit from 3:10-5:00pm. PLEASE BE THERE 10MINS EARLY.

Masterdisk Studios
545 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036


Week 8 (Oct. 29th) - Notation of Electronics (**CLASS CANCELLED: HURRICANE SANDY**)

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Week 10 (Nov. 12th) - Live Mixing
Extended Class Hours (to catch up for Oct 29th): 3:00-6:30

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Week 11 (Nov. 19th) - NO CLASS (Substituted for individual meetings in October and November)
Deadline to submit patch and score to your colleague for the Dec 3rd concert.

Week 12 (Nov. 26th) - Live Mixing Part 2
Deadline to submit patch and score to your colleague for the Dec 10th concert.

Week 13 (Dec. 6th) - Concert/Presentation #1

Week 14 (Dec. 11th) - Concert/Presentation #2