max/msp External 2

Development of a SPEAR-data max/msp external


Applications and Examples

Class code: These are very basic examples of how you might develop an external to read and resynthesize/manipulate SPEAR resample-frames text data files. They actually work! Yay! BIG CAVEAT, however: some of the coding I did is Not Recommended -- I did some things mainly to make clear how certain operations should happen without wanting to get too bogged-down in silly syntactical things. So (for instance) don't declare giant arrays as global, unless they are being accessed by many instances of the external and it sort-of makes sense in the max/msp C environment (like the wavetable in basicsine~). My file-reading and parsing scheme is also fairly ludicrous. Oh well.

As with the earlier BGtemplate~ class example, these are CodeWarrior files, and the *.tar.gz versions do not retain proper resource information for OSX. These *.tar.gz archives are mainly for Windows-people to grab the code.