Electronic Music 1 (Fall 2012)
Thursdays 3:10 - 5:00pm, Prentis room 320H
Instructor: Terry Pender (tmp17@columbia.edu)
TA: Nina C. Young (ny2129@columbia.edu)

This class will focus on three aspects of contemporary art: the combination of sound and image, interactive performance, and modern composition techniques and styles This is a “tools” class where we will explore and use many software applications and will focus particularly on Cycling ’74’s Max/MSP and Jitter software as well as Apples Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton Live, and the Audacity audio editor. We will cover the basics of all of the software need to create these works.

In general we will be working with Max/MSP for interactivity, Jitter for video work, Logic and Reason for sequencing, sampling, and synthesis. We will use Audacity as an audio editor and either Quicktime Pro, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro for video editing.