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Modular Synthesizer Equinox

    modular synthesizer equinox poster

    Another turn of the wheel. This time around, our Modular Solstice/Equinox series, which is almost in its fourth year, is happy to present a night dedicated to DIY and home built modular designs.

    >>Antenes [L.I.E.S.]
    >>David Lee Myers [Arcane Device]
    >>>Joe Bastardo, Mickey O’Hara & Seamus Williams [MA]
    >>>>Matthew Regula & Jessee Egan
    >>>>>Ed Bear
    >>>>>>Frank Spigner (Sound Arts MFA 2nd year student)

    visuals by Corey Bauer & Ginny Benson

    Saturday, March 19 8PM – 1AM
    The Silent Barn
    603 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11206